Beginner conversation English course
A1-A2 level

Day + time:

Thursdays | 10:00-12:30| 10 weeks | 25 hours
Start date: 23.08.2018
End date: 25.10.2018  

Price: 2,750,- nok


Karl Johan’s Gate 5 - 5th floor


Our conversation courses are designed to help you with the following:

·       confidence speaking a second language

·       new and improved vocabulary on a range of topics

·       practical expressions to use in conversation

·       pronunciation training of sounds and links

·       overall more possibility to use English sentences in a speaking environment

We do this by selecting a different topic each week which we discuss together all while you receive support and guidance from the trained native teacher. New vocabulary will be presented on the board and you will have a chance to practice it throughout the class.


All resources for the conversation classes are provided by Oslo English Academy. You do not need to buy any books or materials. Each class, a presentation will be used, you will have access to that after class via the online platform we use.

Course Schedule:

25 hours over 10 classes
Each class is 2.5 hours (with a 10-minute break)


To register please complete this form and send it to us before August 11th 2018. 
10% discount if you register before 1st August 2018
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