General English 

We offer General English group courses which include the following skills:

Speaking | Listening | Reading | Writing | Vocabulary | Grammar | Pronunciation

General English courses at Oslo English Academy are 30 classes (22.5 hours) in total and include 10 lessons.
Courses can be intensive (5 weeks with 2 lessons a week) or standard (10 weeks with 1 lesson a week)

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A0 - New Beginner / Nybegynner

Engelsk A0 - Nybegynner er for deg som aldri har lært engelsk før. Vi tar tid for kursdeltakere å bli vant til språket og uttalen. Her lærer du engelsk fra begynnelsen. Læreren bruker første 4 kapittel av en "Elementary" engelsk kurs bok. 

A1- Elementary / Eelementær

Engelsk A1-1 er for deg som vet litt engelsk fra før. Kanskje du studerte engelsk på skolen eller du har sett engelsk TV, men du bruker ikke språket selv. I dette kurset lærer du å være komfortabel med grunnleggende engelsk grammatikk og vokabular samt uttale, snakke, lytte og lese og skrive. På dette nivået bruker vi en kurs bok og en arbeidsbok.

Engelsk A1-2 er for deg som har fullført en introduksjonskurs til engelsk og vet grunnleggende. På dette nivået vil du begynne å forstå engelsk struktur og føle deg mer komfortabel å bruke den uten hjelp.

 A2 - Pre-Intermediate 

English A2-1 is for you if you are ready to explore the language a little more. At this level you will expand your vocabulary and grammatical structures to be able to speak in differenet situations with native and non-native speakers. 

English A2-2 is a pre-intermediate level course for those who have shown they can use basic English in familiar situations. Here you will begin to expand your knowledge of tenses and have more freedom to talk in the past, present and future. 

English A2-3 is the final part of the pre-intermediate level and is critical before moving to the intermediate level. You will work with your teacher to check your understanding and production of English. Students who have had a break in studying for a while should consider this level before B1-1. 

B1 - Intermediate 

English B1-1 is the first level of the intermediate course. This level presents a lot of new topics and structures which are necessary to become an independent speaker of English. You will focus closely on 3 units of the intermediate coursebook. 

English B1-2 is the second part of the intermediate level and at this level you should be able to hold a good conversation with a native or non-native speaker of English without major problems. The aim of this level is to develop your fluency and vocabulary so that you can talk about a range of topics.   

English B1-3 is the final part of the intermediate level and at this level you should be comfortable to communicate about a range of topics. At this level the focus is to start building up your "freedom" to play with the language and to control your fluency effectively. 

English B1-4 is a connecting level between high B1 and B2. This is a very important transition because B2 level will start to challenge you and introduce some very difficult structures. Before you go to B2, you must feel totally comfortable with English as an Intermediate user. In this course you will complete the first 4 units of the Intermediate-PLUS coursebook. 

B2 - Upper Intermediate

English B2-1 is the second part of the connecting level between high B1 and B2. Before you begin the upper-intermediate level (B2-2), this course will help you to extend your vocabulary and make sure that you can comfortably use the grammatical structures from A2 and B1 level. In this course you will complete the final 4 units of the Intermediate-PLUS coursebook. 

English B2-2 is the first part of the upper intermediate level. At this level students are starting to become fluent with the language for most common uses, however this course will open your vocabulary range and truly allow you to understand complex grammatical structures. You will complete units 1-5 of the upper intermediate level coursebook. 

English B2-3 is the second part of the upper intermediate level. At this level you are starting to become an advanced user of the language. Your comprehension and production is already strong but you need to continue adding vocabulary and structures. You will complete units 6-10 of the upper intermediate level coursebook. 

C1 - Advanced 

English C1-1 is an advanced English course for students who already have very well developed English and now they would like to extend what they know and focus on their comprehension of authentic material. 

English C1-2 is the most advanced English course we have at Oslo English Academy. It is designed for students who use English regularly and feel comfortable with what they know but would like to polish up their existing skills or review key advanced structures, vocabulary or skills. 

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