Happy Students 

I love the way your teaching went. Conversation in english, explaining in English... Because, in my country, teaching went very mechanical, without practic talking.. Course in my country English is not official language....
— A2.1 Student - Nov 2018
I have known this teacher three years and I can only say... She is amazing, she interests you, and for sure you’ll learn real English
— Yasmina, 2013
I am very satisfied with my teacher and the class. She is very patient and she tries to correct us when we are talking incorrectly.  This is something that I like in my class.
The best English course!
— Valeria Maiolo - August 2018
Everything is really good, fantastic teacher, amazing atmosphere. Thank you!
— A2 student - Spring 2017
Efi gives us 100% of her energy and knowledge
— Anonymous - Autumn 2017
The aspect of your teaching style with which we have been particularly impressed is your engaging attitude towards your students, your ability to choose engaging classroom activities and your excellent classroom usage.
You are greatest teacher l have met. Classes are good and satisfied. I learned the most important tips about exam.
I think we all suffer from listening part. We need to practice more and more to solve this problem. Perhaps it should be focused on listening part a little bit more and improved this part in the classes.

Thank you for everything.
— Zuhal Kirmizioglu - April 2018
Inspiring teacher, with dynamic classes, and small groups. Really loved to have the chance to meet he school. Thank you!
— Roberta Viela
The best English course!
— Valeria Maiolo - August 2018
* * * * * (5 stars)
— Shafagh - July 2018
I’m very satisfied with English course. I could not expect better teacher then I had - concerned and with natural talent for teaching
— Anne Maria - June 2018
Jeg er veldig fornøyd med kurset. Fikk mye av grammatikk på riktig plass. Veldig flink og engasjert lærer!
— Edyta - June 2018
I like that we are not so many students so we can follow very well the teacher
— Anonymous - September 2018
She is very nice and accommodating. You will never feel the tense when she is conducting the lessons. She is friendly with great sense of professionalism. You won’t regret if you choose her as your teacher.

”The influence of good teacher can never be erased”

Thank you very much
— Gemmalyn Ramos
Best teacher! Professional and friendly, I highly recommend it!
— Polina Stoyanova